Golden Jubilee Biotech Park

For Women Society

Resident Companies

Adiuvo Diagnostics Pvt Ltd
Entrepreneur: Mrs. Geethanjali Radhakrishnan
Focus: R&D in healthcare and assembly unit with prime focus on Medical Devices.
Ontex Medical Device Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd
Entrepreneur: Dr. G Bhuvaneswari
Focus: Life Science/Medial Device R&D and Manufacturing.
Bioklone Biotech Pvt Ltd
Entrepreneur: Dr. Rajeswari
Focus: Generation of Monoclonal & Polyclonal Antibody
Aaranya Bioscience Private Limited
Entrepreneur: Dr. Savithiri Shivakumar
Focus: Collaborative Integrated Research - Discovery Chemistry, Biology and Clinical
MicroGo LLP
Entrepreneur: Dr. Rachna Dave
Focus: Designing Delivery Systems for Microbial Control
Bioneem Tec India Pvt Ltd
Entrepreneur: Dr. Menaga Magendran
Focus: Natural Product Chemistry & Microbiology
Madras Diabetes Research Foundation
Entrepreneur: Dr. Anjana R. Mohan
Focus: Diabetic Research & Training
Krya Consumer Products
Entrepreneur: Mrs. Preethi Sukumaran
Focus: Bio Cosmetics
Asean Aromatics Pvt Ltd
Entrepreneur: Mrs. Lalitha Muralidharan
Focus: Natural & Aromatic Extractions
Nouveau Dietitque Pvt Ltd
Entrepreneur: Ms. Neeraja
Focus: Food Supplements/Nutraceuticals
Heavenly Fuels
Entrepreneur: Ms Lalitha Venkatakrishnan
Focus: Health Care, Nutritional Care & Personal Care