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Providing Opportunities for Professionally Qualified women to take to a Career of Remunerative Self-Employment through the Organization of Biotechnological Enterprises.

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Biotech Park for Women signed MoU with SRM University, Chennai (2019)
Biotech Park for Women signed MoU with Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology, Chennai (2019)
Biotech Park for Women signed MoU with KG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore.
Biotech Park for Women signed MoU with Hindustan College of Arts and Science, Chennai
Biotech park for women signed an MoU with Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem (2019)
Biotechpark for Women signed an MoU with Sri Akilendeswari Women’s College, Wandiwash (2018)
Biotechpark for Women signed an MoU with Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering & Technology, Madhuranthagam (2018)
Biotechpark for Women signed an MoU with Women Christian College, Chennai (2018)
Biotechpark for Women signed an MoU with Stella Maris College , Chennai (2018)
Biotechpark for Women signed an MoU with Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Chennai (2018)
M/S. Adivuo Diagnostics Pvt Ltd has scaled up their company to a new unit of Biotech Park
 Entrepreneurs Testimonial
The Biotech Park for Women is truly a powerhouse or Sakthi for the women entrepreneurs, providing us with all the support and guidance which we need. The park is a very active and friendly environment making it a very enjoyable and unique working place
- Dr. R.M. Anjana, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation
Our Women's Biotech Park is a paradise for Women Entrepreneurs allowing them to pursue their dreams. The management is extremely supportive and co-operative, fully understanding our needs. The Park maintains a very serene environment, ideal for Creative minds
- Mrs. Lalitha Muralidharan, Asean Aromatics
A Novel venture for women enterprenuers to start a business and develop into a full fledged Business Women with handholding of Biotech Park Assistance.
- Mrs. Uma Ramaswamy Iyer, Nouveau Medicament (P) Ltd.
BTPW is a unique start up manufacturing hub that provides a platform to entrepreneurs to scale their ideas in a location that is not too far away. Apart from entrepreneurs, I believe BTPW offers a unique working environment for our employees. The atmosphere is serene and safe, giving our women employees a chance to build a career without sacrificing their family life
- Mrs. Preethi Sukumaran, Krya Botanicals Research & Manufacturing
Establishing ourselves in the BTPW was the best decision to start the company. BTPW gives the perfect set-up for an entrepreneur to function independently but at the same time stands with us when in need. It gives women entrepreneur the perfect atmosphere to run a company
- Dr. Rachna Dave, MicroGO LLP
Our Women's Biotech Park is a place to support for the first generation women Entrepreneurs to allowing them to reach their goals. The management team is extremely supportive to our growth. The scenic view of Park creates us a fresh working atmosphere
- Dr.Menaga Magendran, Bioneemtec India Private Ltd
Biotech Park for Women is the ideal place to start a business in life sciences. It provides a platform for Women in Life Sciences to take up the Entrepreneur Journey. To me the Park has strengthened and supported me through my 7 years journey as a Businesswoman in the field of Life Sciences -
Ms. Ramya Kannan, Hi-Rise Food Tech Lab
BTPW provides opportunities to "job seeking" women to become "job providers" in the field of eco friendly biotechnology through affordable infrastructure and appropriate ambience
- Ms Lalitha Venkatakrishnan, Heavenly Fuel Pvt. Ltd
Our Women's Biotech Park aids Women Entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and greatly supports women empowerment. The management is tremendously helpful and co-operative.
- Ms. Poornima V, Exonn Technologies
Biotech Park gives a refreshing comfortable natural environment to focus on our areas of expertise. Staff of biotech park are friendly and cooperative.
- Dr. Savithiri Shivakumar, Aaranya Biosciences Private Limited.
Women's Biotech Park has an excellent ambience for aspiring women entrepreneurs. With a highly supportive management team, the Park provides a nurturing environment for the entrepreneurs to set up, establish and grow their businesses. A closely knit circle of women entrepreneurs in the Park provides an ideal ecosystem for women in business.  Hats off to the Park Founder and the Management Team! Proud to be a part of the Park!
- Dr.K.Rajeshwari, Bioklone Biotech Private Limited
Golden jubilee Biotech Park for women, by their comprehensive business program provide an enabling environment to deal with the difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship and help us to shape and nurture our entrepreneurial venture successfully
- Dr.Sowmini Kumaran, Proteogenie Biotech LLP
We were looking for a place to carry out our Research and Development process. Woman’s Biopark has everything that a start-up needs at its initial phase of conceptualization and development. The support provided is huge along with mentoring and technical assistance.
- Ms. Geethanjali Radhakrishnan, Adiuvo Diagnostics
Extremely women friendly. Scientifically well-structured initiative. Good support systems for the first-time woman entrepreneur
- Dr. Sara Chandy, Allied Scientific & Innovative Products
BiotechPark team welcome Dr. Menaga Magendran to the Bio-NEST family
Biotechpark team welcomes Ms. Vennila Thayumanavan to the Bio-NEST family
Heartily Congratulation to Dr. K Rajeshwari founder of Bioklone Biotech Pvt Ltd on the expansion of her company
Biotech Park team welcomes Ms. Vedavalli Sankaranarayanan to the Bio-NEST family
Biotech Park team welcomes Dr. Shamini Senthilkumar to the Bio-NEST family
Biotech Park team welcomes Dr. Jyotirmayee Dash to the Bio-NEST family
Biotech Park team welcomes Dr. Fathima Farzana to the Bio-NEST family

BiotechPark team welcomes Dr. G Bhuvaneswari to the Golden Jubilee BiotechPark.

Biotechpark team Welcomes Dr.Nithya Kalyani & Mrs. Nagalakshmi Balasubramanian to the BioNest family

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